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Below are free learning resources produced at Institut Pasteur1, in particular by its team of biostatisticians and bioinformaticians.




Material from the Introduction to data analysis PhD courses

These pages include course supports. They correspond to a course given to PhD students at Institut Pasteur, and deal with various topics related to statistics and data analysis for biologists.

The exact content may vary depending on the year:

Material from the Introduction to NGS data analysis course

This course about hight-throughput sequencing data analysis was given in collaboration with Institut Curie:


At the C3BI

An important part of the authors of the above course material are (or were) members of the C3BI. If you are a member of Institut Pasteur, you might be interested in live training offered by the C3BI.

At Institut Pasteur

The "D├ępartement de Biologie Computationnelle" (formerly C3BI) is part of Institut Pasteur, whose missions include education.

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